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So you want to fully accept and embrace all aspects of yourself? This can be an uncomfortable, yet completely worthwhile, journey. It requires us to confront our feelings of inadequacy and insecurity and cultivate a gentler and kinder perspective of ourselves. 


This step-by-step workbook was designed to help you go from feeling like you are not enough and doubting yourself to genuinely accepting yourself.


This workbook was created for those who: 

  • Struggle with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and feeling like they are not enough

  • Desire to cultivate a gentler and kinder view of themselves

  • Strive to break free from persistently criticizing themselves, comparing themselves to others, and setting unrealistic standards for themselves 

  • Seek to recognize their inherent self worth without seeking validation from others

  • Seek inspiration, guidance and support on their self acceptance journey


It will help you: 

  • Understand why you are struggling to accept yourself fully 

  • Identify the thoughts, stories and ways of thinking that are making it hard to accept and embrace all aspects of yourself 

  • Reframe your thoughts, stories and ways of thinking to be more kind and compassionate towards yourself

  • Find ways to accept and celebrate all parts of you as you are


To achieve this, the workbook offers 8 steps, each with a series of 3 journal prompts, affirmations and so much more.


It's time to release our feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and uncertainty, and embrace ourselves fully, you deserve that for yourself.

Self Acceptance Digital Workbook

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