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Fear is something we all experience and it’s something that has a profound impact on the life we live. Whether we realize it or not, fear can influence every decision we make and guide the direction of our life. It causes us to make decisions that are not in our best interest, keeping us stagnant and unsatisfied with the life we are living.


The encouraging things is, we have a choice around how we respond to fear and whether or not we choose to let fear have a hold on our lives. This guide is intended to help you explore and challenge your fears in a safe and constructive way.


It will take you through a series of reflections and tools to help you to identify your fears, understand how they are affecting your life, and gain clarity on how to face them with confidence.


This journey has been broken into two main sections: 

Gaining Clarity: Focusing on identifying the stories that we are telling ourselves that are underlying our fears, how these stories are impacting our life and how to re-write them. This includes the following steps:

  • Acknowledging your Fears
  • Exploring the Cause
  • Challenging your Fears
  • Recognizing Impact
  • Choosing Change


Taking Action: Focusing on taking steps towards facing your fears. This includes gaining clarity on what this means to you, learning how to better manage fears and embracing the good that comes with facing your fears. This includes the following steps:

  • Learning from the Past
  • Taking Action
  • Coping with Fear
  • Embracing Fear


For each step you will receive an introduction to the topic and why it is important for feeling enough. Based on this, each section includes 3 journal prompts to help you. Each step also includes 3 affirmations to help you better establish the lesson learned in the section. It also provides space for you to add your own affirmations, ones that are especially meaningful to you. 


It’s time to stop letting fear prevent us from reaching our full potential and living the life we dream of. 

Facing Your Fears Digital Workbook