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Unlock your big, beautiful dreams and receive unwavering support throughout your journey with the Manifestation Journal, whether you are getting clear on your dreams or taking aligned action.


This collection of minimalist journals will leave you feeling inspired, aligned, and ready to manifest your dreams into reality.


This journal was created for those who: 

  • Are determined to bring their dreams and aspirations to fruition

  • Seek more clarity and focus in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations 

  • Strive to recognize their self-worth and what they deserve in life

  • Want support for the entire manifestation process, from clarifying your desires to taking aligned action


It will help you: 

  • Get clarity around what you are calling into your life 

  • Strengthen your manifestation practices through proven various techniques  

  • Reflect on progress towards your dreams and help you build tangible proof

  • Build your confidence in your ability to bring your dreams to fruition

  • Foster belief in your ability to bring your dreams to fruition


Each journal has 100 entries with sections for affirming statements to clarify what you are calling in, proof for providing evidence that you are moving closer to your dreams, and free-flow writing. It also includes a list of possible prompts for every stage of the manifestation journey for days you need more guidance. 


The Manifestation Journal is available in blush, mauve, gold, sienna, marine, navy and charcoal.


Local pick-up is available in the Hamilton region. Save on shipping by using code “LOCAL” at checkout.


Unlock the power of manifestation and bring your dreams to fruition with our Manifestation Journal today.

Manifestation Journal

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