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So you want to start to show yourself the love, kindness and compassion you deserve? This is a beautiful and rewarding journey, but it’s not without its challenges. It requires us to challenge the deeply ingrained beliefs we have about ourselves and cultivate a mindset rooted in self-acceptance and self-compassion. 


This step-by-step workbook was designed to help you go from believing your harsh inner critic to learning to love yourself unconditionally.


This workbook was created for those who: 

  • Struggle with a harsh inner critic that influences how they see themselves

  • Want to cultivate a stronger, more loving relationship with themselves

  • Strive to break free from persistently criticizing themselves, comparing themselves to others and setting unrealistic standards for themselves

  • Seek inspiration, guidance and support on their self love journey


It will help you: 

  • Understand why you are struggling to love yourself fully 

  • Identify the thoughts, stories and ways of thinking that are making it hard to love yourself fully 

  • Reframe your thoughts, stories and ways of thinking to be more loving and compassionate 

  • Find ways to accept and celebrate all parts of you as you are


To achieve this, the workbook offers 8 steps, each with a series of 3 journal prompts, affirmations and so much more.


It's time to practice self-acceptance, acknowledge our worth, and treat yourself with kindness, you deserve that for yourself.

Self Love Digital Workbook

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