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Stay committed to your health journey with the Wellness Journal, ensuring you remain focused on your goals and get to feeling how you want to feel in your body, mind and soul.


This collection of minimalist journals will leave you feeling renewed, empowered and committed to your goals.


This journal was created for those who: 

  • Want to prioritize their health and wellbeing

  • Struggle to stay consistent and committed to their healthy habits over time

  • Feel overwhelmed with everything they “should” do to be healthy

  • Want to deepen their understanding of their body, mind, and soul and what works to personally help them feel their best


It will help you: 

  • Build consistent healthy habits around  nutrition, water intake, movement, sleep, and self-care activities

  • Stay accountable to your wellness goals tracking your through mindful tracking and goal-setting

  • Identify what healthy habits help you to feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally


Each journal has 180 entries with sections for nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, self-care and how you are feeling in your body, mind and soul. It also includes prompts to help you set goals and monthly habit trackers to monitor progress and identify patterns in your habits.


The Wellness Journal is available in blush, mauve, gold, sienna, marine, navy and charcoal.


Get back to prioritizing yourself and feeling your best with our Wellness Journal today.


Local pick-up is available in the Hamilton region. Save on shipping by using code “LOCAL” at checkout.

Wellness Journal

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